Greater Vision Outdoors, Inc. 

Greater Vision Outdoors Volunteer Staff

Danny and Wendy Langston

                       (GVO President)                (Projects & Programs Director)

Danny Langston works along with his wife, Wendy, at Greater Vision Outdoors.  Both of them currently work in the Operating Room at NHRMC.  Danny is working as a Certified Anesthesia Technician while Wendy is a Registered Nurse.  Together they have been investing in the lives of teenagers for more than 20 years. They have helped teenagers through some of the toughest times in their life and have been there for some of the best times.  GVO has opened this opportunity for them to pursue their passion in a greater way.  Danny and Wendy’s passion is teaching, loving, equipping teenagers to discover their gifts, and helping them create a clear vision for their future.  GVO is committed to investing time and resources to help teens see what a difference they can make in their families, schools, churches, communities, and society.  It is GVO's goal to help them strive to be the very best they can be and to realize they can become anything they want to be.  You can reach Danny at his e-mail address: and Wendy at please feel free to contact them if you have any questions.


Sean & Tiffany Griffin
Sean Griffin
(Youth Counselor & Public Relations Director)

Sean Griffin is a GVO Youth Counselor and the Public Relations Director.  Sean is married to Tiffany, and they have a son, Miles and a daughter, Cora.  Sean attended a missionary college in Argentina and did mission work on the weekends for a year, receiving a one-year Bible degree and a one-year Spanish degree.  Afterwards, he finished his education at Liberty University where he received his B.S. in Religion.  Sean has been working with youth for seven years and has an incredible passion for students.  He feels that at this time in their lives, they are going through so many changes; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  They are coming to a point in their life where they begin to question things they have been taught and why things are changing.  Sean wants to walk beside them and their parents to help shape the type of person they will be as an adult.  You can reach Sean at his e-mail address,

Kendall & Tabitha Fowler

Tabitha Fowler
(Secretary & Assistant Programs Director)

Tabitha Fowler is GVO's Secretary and the Assistant Program Director.  Tabitha and her husband, Kendall, have been married for three years and have been working with youth for over 2 years.  Not being that far out of school herself, she realizes the struggles of trying to figure out life, and the challenges that it offers.  Remembering this has given her an incredible passion for youth and being involved in their life. Tabitha desires to help guide them through their life's situations and aid them in realizing their dreams and goals.  Tabitha is overly excited to be a part of the GVO team and being able to watch each teenager change and transform into a young adult. Her husband Kendall enjoys helping chaperone and being a part of the events for the youth. You can reach Tabitha at her email address,

Jim Ton

Jim Ton
(Operational/Technical Support & Youth Mentor)

Nearing the end of his teenage years, Jim has graduated high school at E.A. Laney and is currently enrolled at UNC Wilmington.  He spends as much time possible with younger youth being a positive influence and a guide.  Having been through an undesirable and challenging childhood himself, he uses his experience to understand and communicate with the youth.  His passion for youth is remarkable, and is filled with excitement to be in anyway involved with helping guide the lives of the youth.  You can reach Jim at

    Student Volunteers


Rebekah Anderson
(Public Relations Assistant & Administrative Technical Support)                                 

Rebekah Anderson is GVO's Public Relations Assistant and Administrative Technical Support.  She is a Senior that attends John T. Hoggard High School.  In her freee time she enjoys spending time with friends, going to church & youth group, and volunteering for GVO.  She wants to attend the University of North Carolina to major in Nursing or another part of the medical field. 

 Jacqueline Powers
Jacqueline Powers 
(Projects and Programs Assistant)

Jacqueline Powers is GVO's Projects and Programs Assistant. She graduated from E.A. Laney High School in 2012, where she participated in Spirit Club, Beta Club, Student Council, Prom Committee, Mock Trial, and Yearbook. She enjoys volunteering for GVO. 


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